Top 5’s: Critically Endangered Animals in 2021

Throughout the last five years, the populations of animals around the earth have changed. Some for numbers changed to good, and some not so good. First, to bring to light five animals that have recovered from near extinction since 2016; the gray wolf, the bald eagle, the gray whale, sea lions, and white rhino. AlthoughContinue reading “Top 5’s: Critically Endangered Animals in 2021”

Top 5’s: Intelligence

Dogs are amazing pets when you spend time with them, train them right, and overall, take care of them, because they depend on you. Dogs come in different sizes, shapes and appearances. All dogs have categories they can fit into, whether its popularity, intelligence, or even the most powerful. We’re going to look at someContinue reading “Top 5’s: Intelligence”

Am I Ready For a Dog?

Click here to take the quiz! Take this quick quiz I created to find out! If you get 11/11 you are mostly ready, you should still do tons more research just to be sure! Sorry, to anyone scoring under an A+ (11/11), in the future, try again and I’m sure you’ll be ready! P.S IContinue reading “Am I Ready For a Dog?”

Weekly Story: Plastic in the Ocean Dangerously Threats Marine Wildlife

Imagine you are a sea turtle, swimming around the ocean floor. You’re starving, and that little clear thing over there looks just like your regular diet, but it isn’t. When you keep on eating these pieces, you won’t have room for anything else to eat. So, what are those little pieces? It turns out, andContinue reading “Weekly Story: Plastic in the Ocean Dangerously Threats Marine Wildlife”

Weekly Story: During the Coronavirus Outbreak Tons of Animals Are Forced to the Streets

Most people are aware that the coronavirus outbreak is a fast-moving virus with growing numbers by the hour. Over 8,700 people are infected and over 160 are dead in the U.S alone. While we are stocking up on toilet paper and canned food, we don’t realize that there are other lives at stake. All overContinue reading “Weekly Story: During the Coronavirus Outbreak Tons of Animals Are Forced to the Streets”

Weekly Story: On the French Island of Corsica, the ‘Cat-Fox’ found recently may be a new species

Recently, a mammal with stripes on the front legs, and dark stripes on the back legs was spotted on the French Island of Corsica. It resembled a domestic cat in some ways, like it’s wide ears, short whiskers, and developed canine teeth. What makes this possibly new species interesting is it’s dense, silky coat, repellentContinue reading “Weekly Story: On the French Island of Corsica, the ‘Cat-Fox’ found recently may be a new species”

Weekly Story: Gray Whales Washing up on the Pacific Coast

Did you know that more than 60 gray whales have washed up on the Pacific Coast? That’s not all, this problem has started from the beginning of the year. Why has this been happening? Well, before we get there, we need more information on this problem. To start off, on Sunday, the Seaside Aquarium posted,Continue reading “Weekly Story: Gray Whales Washing up on the Pacific Coast”

Adopt a Pet, don’t Shop for One

 Adopt Don’t Shop              Each year 2.7 million innocent cats and dogs are euthanized, simply, because too little people consider adoption rather than buying from a breeder. Shelters are constantly facing overcrowding because too many pets are being abandoned and found in terrible conditions roaming the streets. It is crucialContinue reading “Adopt a Pet, don’t Shop for One”

LEARN: Gorillas

Habitat Although some of their most common habitats are in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola, and Gabon, you can find them in other diverse locations depending on their subspecies.  Appearance All Gorillas’ arms are longer than their legs and sometimes walk on all four limbs, also known as “Knuckle Walking.”Continue reading “LEARN: Gorillas”