Cheetah Facts



Cheetahs live where it’s hot. They live mostly in Africa and Asia. Very few of the cheetahs live in Iran. Cheetahs sleep in high trees so that no predators try to hurt them. Cheetahs are nocturnal, “nocturnal” means sometimes they sleep in the day and they hunt at night. So only sometimes they sleep in trees.


Cheetahs feed mostly on Antelope, Springbok, Steenbok, and Gazelle. When cheetahs hunt, they put their belly to the ground, they walk slow and then pounce.They bite the throat first causing the animal to suffocate.


Cheetahs are tan colored with black spots. Cheetahs nostrils are bigger so after running they can breathe easier. They have a slender slick body to help them do fast sharp turns. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal in world.

Birth and Growth

Females have three to five babies at a time. When having babies, the female cheetah stays alone somewhere where there are no predators. The babies are called “cubs”the cubs have some extra fur on their neck called a “patch”. A patch has many uses. First, when the cheetah carries the cub they hold it by the neck, and that extra fur protects the cub from hurting it. Second, it helps the cubs blend into the wild so no predators try to kill them.