Red Panda



They live in the mountains of Nepal and northern Burma. They also live in central China. They spend most of their lives in trees and even sleep there.


Red Pandas are slightly larger than the domestic cat. They have a bear like body with thick russet fur. The belly and the arms and legs are black. They have white markings on the side of their head and above their eyes. In winter they use their bushy tail to warm them.


Red Pandas eat grasses, roots, fruit, acorns, berries, blossoms, bamboo leaves, leaves of other plants and bird eggs. Bamboo is a major part of their diet.

Birth and growth

They have 2 cubs on average. The panda cubs reach adult size after 12 months. Adult Red Pandas weigh 8 to 13 pounds. The cubs weigh 4 to 4.6 oz. They are completely covered in fur when born.